Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


BILTR is committed to improving equity, inclusion and belonging amongst its' member companies in order to promote life re/insurance product  access by the vulnerable and the creation of an open inclusive environment in the industry in order to promote innovation and growth by:

  1. supporting members to embrace diversity and inclusion opportunities by building awareness,
  2. deploying initiatives which develop diverse and inclusive cultures, and
  3. creating educational opportunities to Bermuda's people to encourage careers in the life industry sector.



  1. Increase the number of Bermudians/women/people of colour/etc in our industry from the base line survey to the Second survey.
  2. Encourage and improve our understanding of diversity and inclusion challenges in our industry, by hosting round tables, workshops, and other collaboration opportunities including story telling.
  3. Support the development of Bermudians into roles within our industry, by providing funding, educational and internship opportunities.